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Android Game: Das Städtequiz
Parkhaus Köln: Parken in Köln

ProtectYourPet! for Android

ProtectYourPet! is our newest little game. You can choose your favorite little buddy from a range of pets including the little guy here on the left. Start you're game try to collect gems falling from the sky.

But take care and don't run into the other obstacles that are trying to harm your little buddy!

The points you collect are transfered to a global highscore at the end of each round. Try to conquer the highscore and make your place at the top of the list!

And the technical point of view, if you're interested: The game is developed for Android only. It's using the beautiful AndEngine by Nicolas Gramlich. The Web-API is written in PHP using the great Symfony 2 framework.

Are you interested? Come on, give it a try! Grab your copy from the Google Play Store. It's absolutly free and wont bother you hardcore with advertisement

Download it for free! file, text and link sharing is your perfect assistant when it comes to sharing your files, texts or links with your friends. It's also great to use when you want to transfer a file from your computer to your mobile phone, your tablet or vice versa.

After you uploaded your file, added your text with or without links, you'll get a short url to access your content and a bar code to scan with your mobile.

Bring that picture from your pc to your phone? It's so easy: Upload the picture, grab your phone and scan the generated bar code. That's it! You'll see the picture on your phone and you are free to download it.

You're to choose: Just set your upload to expire from 1 to 24 hours and it will be deleted and it's not available anymore! has been developed using the fabulous Symfony 2 framework.

Start sharing, give it a try! for web developers

Every frontend web developer knows this: You want to use a special font for the website you are developing right now. But converting fonts to all suggested target formats for webfonts is pain in the ass as you're trying to support a wide range of browsers available.

But here is our little font converter: Just upload your TTF or OTF file to and grab a ZIP package within seconds containing all needed conversions as well as sample HTML and CSS code. Including the required @font-face tag. It's ready to use in your code and you're done in no time!

Convert some fonts!

Städtequiz - German geography quiz

Das Städtequiz is our first little game. It's available for android only. The player has to guess were exactly smaller or larger cities are located on a plain map of Germany. In just a few seconds the player has to decide.

As closer he get's to the actually city the more points he receives. At the end of each round, points are transferred to a global highscore.

The game was developed with the great AndEngine from Nicolas Gramlich, the API utilises the Zend Framework.

Probier's aus!

Parkhaus Köln: Parken in Köln

It is the newest App for Android devices released by WebTheApp: Parkhaus Köln: Parken in Köln. It has been designed to offer up-to-date data of free spaces in Cologne's car parks.

Users can choose between a detailed list view with further more information like opening hours or prices of the selected car park and a map view. The map view shows the car parks on a zoomable map supplied by the OpenStreetMaps project.

Data for all the car parks is provided by the city of cologne and their project "Offene Daten: Köln" (Open Data: Cologne) published under the Creative Commons license.

Download the app!

Who we are

Well, to be honest: We is just me. I'm sorry, i'm on my own. ;)

My name is Torsten, born and raised in the beautiful city of Cologne in Germany. I started developing when I was a child. PHP was the language to be and Linux the OS to work with. Now I'm old, passed the 30th barrier a few years ago.

Nowadays I'm still working with PHP in my job as a Software Developer. I hope my code improved since the beginning. Symfony 2 is currently my favorite framework and Java for sure the language when it comes to Android development.

WebTheApp is the name I use to publish my pages and apps with.